Round Two: Day Eight


Technically I have only ever done one auto-bio story in my life before comix rehab? It was for going down swinging.cycle2.jpg

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6 Responses to “Round Two: Day Eight”

  1. Tempo Spindle Says:

    that is honestly like five people i know. No Joke.

  2. tim zombo Says:

    one autobio? must be very technical cause its alll autobio! everybodys autobio!

    (actually i don’t want to start with the whole ‘what defines autobio’ can of worms)

    can you give us a time frame for this experience here? ten years ago? six months? last night?

    funny i’ve never hungout to read the next installment of a ‘web comic’ but this is a real exciting feeling, waiting for the next post.

  3. Q ray Says:

    Well it was this year but she doesn’t have AIDS. I don’t want to say too much cos I think her newboyfriend googles me.

  4. Tempo Spindle Says:

    “”I think her newboyfriend googles me.””

    that sounds dirty.

  5. adam Says:

    ah, the perils of autobio!

  6. m pee Says:

    yes, the perils of autobio indeed
    (clint is much more handsome than that in real life)

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