Round Two: Day Seven


The layout is me trying to find a way around the weird resizing thing that seems to be happening on all the strips.



5 Responses to “Round Two: Day Seven”

  1. Amberrrr Says:

    Nice work Ive. Very funny, and I think the format works really well.

  2. adam Says:

    so was bandit ghost named by his parents, himself or society at large?

  3. bowb Says:

    i’d been wondering why everyone defaulted to the two frames above and two frames below format (me included!) and i really like this long skinny one –it works well with scrolling, and dramatic reveals. 🙂 this is so cute and funny. i love your brushwork, and i love the tone of bandit ghost.

    by the way, when i was doing my comic, i saved my files to 450px across, which is roughly the width of the template column, and my strips were not resized. perhaps in future rounds, it could be a guideline for artwork to be no larger than that?

  4. Ive Says:

    Thanks bowb! I was wondering how many pixels was too wide and now I know!

    Adam, the moral of the strip was to not ask questions about Bandit Ghost.

    Thanks, Amber! I’d really like to see others play around with the format too.

  5. adam Says:

    ive, i am an immoral comics reader. it can be a rhetorical question! everyone wins!

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