Round Two: Day Four


Man, this is so cool. Timmys post is beautiful. Im so slack tho. I never read the email proper and thought I was doing 1 panel every 4 days but anyway, I had thought about the story believe it or not.Getting Ugly


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6 Responses to “Round Two: Day Four”

  1. Tempo Spindle Says:

    seriously awesome.

  2. tim zombo Says:

    ooooh it feels like the old days except electronic and shit…. i’m glad there is going to be stories. Shouldn’t it be bumping uglies?

    great shit

  3. Q ray Says:

    Yes, that’s a much better title. I feel like I can almost reach out and touch you. I’ll touch myself instead.

  4. John Weeks Says:

    Ugly is the new beautiful.

  5. Amberrrr Says:

    Great to see one of your comics again Clint. It’s been too long!

  6. adam Says:

    he talks shit and she talks love. that’s the male/female dichotomy right there, hey?

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