Round Two: Day Three


More New World War here for those new to me. There’s a few series of comics I want to collect into books but don’t have enough strips of so I’ll be using the rehab schedule to up the page count on them.

I went all out colouring this. Do not expect that in every update from me.



4 Responses to “Round Two: Day Three”

  1. adam Says:

    more zombies! nice to see some more narrative, less autobio stuff coming through. or am i assuming too much?

  2. Mrtang Says:

    Nice work Ive – I expect colour from NOW ON.

  3. Claire Says:

    The colour looks great.. love the green and violet. I am also particularly keen on the Zombie’s pallor. Looking forward to more story.

  4. Ive Says:

    Thanks everyone!

    Adam: I love what everyone else has done but I really wanted to avoid more of the same.
    David: Do not expect colour without also expecting disappointment.
    Claire: Thanks! It’s been ages since colouring a strip in full so i’m glad it works.

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