Round Two: Day One


your mamma wears army boots…

some guys talking and stuff… and so it begins


6 Responses to “Round Two: Day One”

  1. Amberrrr Says:

    And they’re off!

    Nice work TIm, love the colours, looking forward to the next installment!

  2. adam Says:

    This is very pretty. always glad to see the danko lettering. is that lettraset or a font? are you digital or analog these days, tim?

  3. Claire Says:

    This looks fantastic!

  4. tim zombo Says:

    ooooh comments!! thank you!! thanks for ‘fantastic’ that is nice….

    i am straddling digital and analog. I have a small (13cm x 8cm landscape) scottish psalm music book from 1902 that i have been drawing in this year about 150 pages into it and there scanned in and the pieces arranged in p-shop… colour is added in p-shop too but i am sticking to black and blue in the book so its pretty close.

    I made a font in fontographer using one of those do it yerself stamp things and have been using that ad nauseum… could be time to make a new one. So text is all added in p-shop too.

  5. Q ray Says:

    Yo Bro. Realy nice. I wondered about the font, looks fine tho, original. This has a nice atmosphere to it.

  6. John Weeks Says:

    Love the colors and how it all feeds into an overall atmosphere.
    Danko Fonts (TM)! I may need to puzzle out fontographer soon for some Khmer comics fonts…

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