Artist Introduction: Tim Danko



My name is Tim Danko; I have been making komiks for mmbbllrrfff (over twenty years) in Melbourne, Australia and most recently on Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. I have generally created activities under the Dead Xerox Press candelabra. Komiks love and hate me.

Beyond the really obvious reason that checking into any kind of rehab is sooooo cool, I am doing this to make a story. On a broad komik level I never have trouble drawing or coming up with an idea. I get a little antsy if I haven’t drawn something in four days. Making a comprehensible story is another matter. I would like to make a continuing strip like story told in four panel segments that hopefully rehab will provide the structure for without me relapsing into obscurity. Hopefully a direct audience may pin me to the floor and stop me lying (like group therapy, don’t lie to the group). Especially if all the drugs have been taken away. And I’m forced to take out the trash and do the dishes. I’d like to feel like part of a conversation again komik-wise which has felt a bit missing lately.

On a personal level, I am struggling with psoriatic arthritis condition. After trying the traditional medicine way (massive amounts of steroids, grrrrrrrrrr….), I have been looking at alternative ways and been told that the main cause is my body’s immune system attacking itself. Essentially my self not recognizing itself. I hope to pursue these stranger selves through the rehab therapy and resolve them into one happy family, and cure the crippling pain in the joints. Jeepers…


4 Responses to “Artist Introduction: Tim Danko”

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  2. Alana Says:

    Hi Tim,
    Are you still online?
    Are you still in rehab? what ever that means?
    This website and its postings are 2007… hopefully you are still keeping track somewhere??
    I bought your Cowboy print out at Great Barrier this weekend just cone (Easter 09). I have had a look at your work on line and you are an AMAZING artist, I feel totally privileged to have bought your work for such a low price and I am totally sorry that I had had so much to drink and didn’t realise quite what a fabulous work I had picked up and that I didn’t talk to you very coherently (I suppose it all makes for a good story of art buying however!). Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing your work into my life, I’m so excited to get it back to Hamilton today (nursed it on my knee in the plane and car all the way home!!) and will get it framed beautifully and hang it with pride.

    Do you still have your psoriatic arthritis condition or issue you had in 2007? I have the most amazing nautropath who can support and treat you from a distance. He is here in Hamilton and has cured more people than I can count including myself… it might be why we met? anyway if you do get this please write back otherwise I will try another site and contact.

    Warm Regards

  3. Marianne Harvey Says:

    Dear Tim,

    We thought you might be interested in entering a new art prize.

    You can find out more about it here:

    First prize is $50,001 (trumping the Archibald) and judges include renowned UK Artist, Dave White; respected Art Critic, Andrew Frost; and sneaker aficionado, Simon ‘Woody’ Wood.

    Entries close 20 June 2011.

    Marianne (on behalf of the Foot Locker Art Prize)

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