Artist Introduction: Tempo Spindle



I have been an on-again-off-again aspiring web cartoonist for a few years now. I usually let my day job get in the way of me achieving anything. Not actually working in an artistic field makes it hard to focus on an artistic endeavor. Just so you know I work in a warehouse that ships electrical supplies. Before that I worked in a warehouse that shipped computer equipment. These are the kinds of jobs that wipe you out at the end of the day and make writing and drawing a comic a chore, instead of the fun and rewarding task it used to be. That is, fun and rewarding to me. 😉

When I started my website AmerigoInfernox I thought that I would buckle down and really give this a go. This was a place for me to really dig in and make comics. My own venture, my money, my risk. I bought the site about a year ago. I think I have about ten comics up and most of those are from the last couple months.

Sadly this is why I need rehab. I have the intention and ability, yet I always find a reason to not make a comic. I need a kick in the back side to get me going. I believe that I can make a serious go at being a good and consistent artist, and more than that, I want to.



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