Round One: Day Twenty Six



there’s this cake shop i go to, with the beautiful cakes and the cute counterstaff. sometimes, just walking past when the wind is right, you are surrounded by the smell of airconditioned sugar; it is wonderful. this episode sort of happened several months ago, but the pastry in question is forever locked in my head as “the girlfriend bun”, and i have never gotten ’round to tasting it.

thirty-five damn years old, and still with the schoolgirl crushes. does it ever end?


5 Responses to “Round One: Day Twenty Six”

  1. David Says:

    Perfect palette, as ever, and the lettering looks fine. I personally love hand lettering, no matter how sloppy (Eddie Campbell being a perfect example)– computer lettering rarely fits (unless you’re Chris Onstadt, who somehow embraces the artificiality and makes it his own; cf. ‘Achewood’).

    Love the pacing & presentation, particularly of the dreaded Girlfriend Bun. You really know how to pick your shots. Keep it up!

  2. Tempo Spindle Says:

    I really love the color here. nice and easy on the eyes, and not taking away from the pictures but adding to them.

  3. Claire Says:

    Ha ! I love this one. Bowb — I really want you to do a mini comic so I can keep enjoying your work. Do you think you might?
    Congratulations on making it through the rehab! 🙂

  4. Rehab Exit Interview: Bowb « Comic Artist Rehab Says:

    […] i went into this, nor any ideas of what to draw. actually, the one story i wanted to tell was the girlfriend bun story, and i’m kind of glad i waited until the end; i felt much more confident with all the […]

  5. ragingyoghurt Says:

    […] completed my last session of comic artist rehab, a milestone of mixed emotions because i feel generally good about this handful of strips and the […]

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