Round One: Day Twenty Four



I wish I had time to colour this one – I think it would work a lot better if I did.
Everything got a little bit small again when I shrunk my frames. I had some trouble making it clear what was going on in the third frame. It was quite a novelty having to illustrate two eggs looking embarrassed because they have been caught making out.


5 Responses to “Round One: Day Twenty Four”

  1. bowb Says:

    i love it! the crisp red on white, and then the soft pink blush. also i am relieved that clover’s taste lie towards green day, rather than pussycat dolls. rock on, clover!

    i wonder if the escalation from internet to punk rock to playstation *and then* making out would have made it more obvious…

  2. Claire Says:

    Yes — you’re probably right! If I had sat with this idea for a few days (rather than whipping it up at the last minute last night) I think i would have come to that conclusion myself…. hmmm… maybe I’ll redo it.

  3. Tempo Spindle Says:

    Seriously been loving the story and art. Your style is so splendidly simple and elegant. Something my heavy hand cannot duplicate easily.

  4. Alexa Says:

    love it! And I didn’t need help with the third panel at all.

  5. Rehab Exit Interview: Claire Robertson « Comic Artist Rehab Says:

    […] liked the story on day 24 although if I was going to do it again I would *definitely* swap panel three and four around […]

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