Round One: Day Twenty One



I feel so lucky to live here, right near the bush, overlooking the valley. There’s a particular route I take when I’m walking the dogs just before sunset. It goes right through the bush, a little path underneath the canopy of trees. I never see a soul. I catch sight of the black cockatoos every so often but they never cease to take my breath away. They don’t fly away but sit very still and watch as I walk by. Sometimes I almost walk right past without noticing, but the sheer weight of the birds makes the smaller branches creak under the strain.

You know what? I feel rehabilitated! A month ago the prospect of putting pen to paper was so daunting I’d break out into a sweat just thinking about it. Today I drew *four* four-panel comics for today’s post as I couldn’t quite decide on which one to do. I mean, really!

I’m setting myself a challenge for my next comic – the last comic. I’m going to try and work out a good, simple way to draw the view over the valley. I think that’d be a really nice way to end it.


3 Responses to “Round One: Day Twenty One”

  1. bowb Says:

    hey! i think you have *two* comics to go… and i have three, meh. good thing you have three up your sleeve anyway. đŸ˜‰ but yay! look how free and fluid your drawings have become.

  2. Justyna Says:

    Glad rehab is working for you Amber! This entry has made me whince with pain missing the Blue Mountains bush (I bet it it is smelling really good right now too).

    Love the Rehab idea.

  3. Rehab Exit Interview: Amber Carvan « Comic Artist Rehab Says:

    […] walking in the bush. I drew heaps of comics that day trying to get something good. All of them were ok but nothing […]

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