Round One: Day Nineteen


Things to do before I turn 30

Originally I was planning to post up the next instalment of “All dressed up”, but after penciling it I wasn’t happy with the results. I might be going through a bit of an artist’s block right now, my drawings have been pretty crap over the last couple days. So instead of posting something subpar, I figured I’d give it a bit of a break before takling it again in 4 days time. This filler comic is obviously something I knocked up really quickly. I know it sounds bad but I’m really starting to lose steam.



5 Responses to “Round One: Day Nineteen”

  1. bowb Says:

    this is great! maybe now there’ll be a spate of unpencilled, 7-minute comics. 🙂 but what a revealing strip… i’m intrigued about what’s going on in panel 3. also, i love your lettering and wonky frames.

  2. Amberrrr Says:

    I love it too David. I think it’s important to dispel the assumption that comics that are drawn quickly are inferior.

    There’s a definite half time depletion of energy at the moment though, yes? How about a theme for the next batch of comics?

  3. Claire Says:

    Go David GO! You can do it — not long to go now (I am talking about rehab — but you could equally apply my cheering to the things you need to do before you turn 30. )
    Love the comic. It has lots of energy!

  4. Ive Says:

    Dave! I am 28 and also can’t ride a bike.

  5. Rehab Exit Interview: David Tang « Comic Artist Rehab Says:

    […] Day nineteen: “Things to do before I turn 30″ was a very last minute comic. It was probably around this time that I hit a funk and my output started to go downhill. My art (with the exception of the next week’s) just wasn’t as strong as the previous weeks. […]

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