Round One: Day Seventeen



This is an actual conversation that I had with my mother in the car. I’m very pleased with how I have drawn her, though I would never show it to her.

Like my mum, I also get really upset when I see animals that have been killed on the road, but when I’m driving with her I find myself coming down on her for getting so upset. If only I could pooh-pooh the same behaviour in myself when I am driving alone. I’ll put it down to one of those complicated mother-daughter things.



2 Responses to “Round One: Day Seventeen”

  1. Tabitha Says:

    I can confirm that’s an excellent representation of mum. Bit freaky actually!

  2. John Weeks Says:

    Saw a lot of roadkill traveling in Tasmania. Freaky for me ’cause the animals seemed so exotic.

    Hmm, I have some good parent moments I wouldn’t mind drawing. I’d feel obliged to show them at some point though.

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