Round One: Day Fourteen


it doesn’t always end in tears.

thanks for everyone’s encouraging comments about handlettering and colour. i think i really need to work on my lettering; i’m not particularly happy with its clumsiness — i wonder if i can strike a compromise and typeset the normal text, but hand-draw the special text, like “jellyfish” — but i feel pretty good about the way the colouring is progressing. four colours in this one… i feel bold!

i really, really love “american elf“. how does james kochalka capture so much in four panels? how does he know exactly the right words to put in a speech bubble? his drawings are so full of character, and his lettering is so fluid. sigh.

this one is a bit of a homage to “american elf”, i think. it’s aspirational anyway. an attempt to record the detail and quiet of a moment.



5 Responses to “Round One: Day Fourteen”

  1. Claire Says:

    Wow — this is my favourite one yet — just beautiful.

  2. Amberrrr Says:

    I’ve been slow to say how much I love this. Go the hand lettering go! I think it looks tops. In fact, I would go with the hand lettering *all the time* if I were you and had your lovely penmanship.

    Particularly cool, aside from the fact that it has jellyfish, are the sandals and little kiddy toes poking out the end. I have this thing with little feet where I *have* to count the toes cause it always looks like there are *many* more than five! This comic captures that totally. Colour is gorgeous – very Top Shelf somehow. Oh, and also the frayed bits on the bottom of your jeans. I heart them.

  3. Alexa Says:

    I think this is gorgeous. I love the colour and the lettering (hey, I’m not a comic person so I don’t understand what could be wrong with it – it looks PERFECT to me!) and there’s something so intimate and warm about it, it made my morning.

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  5. ragingyoghurt Says:

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