Round One: Day Eleven


Oh no! Like Ben Cousins getting whisked away by a pair of blondes when he was supposed to go to LA for a rehab clinic – I’ve missed my first day of comics rehab 😦 I do have a good excuse though, on Saturday I had my belated 26th birthday party, and it left me pretty wrecked for most of Sunday (which was when I started the comic). If it’s any consolation, the party was so freaking awesome. Also, I had heaps of trouble getting my friend Ling’s likeness right… anyway it is now 2:00AM, I need to sleep cause I go to work in a few hours. Goodnight!

“Obsessive Compulsive” Conclusion:

Obsessive Compulsive (part 2 of 2)

“All Dressed Up” Part 1:

All dressed up (part 1)



One Response to “Round One: Day Eleven”

  1. Amberrrr Says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday David! Judging by the pics on facebook a good time was had by both human and superhero. Shame you’ve had to separate panels from two different comics in order to fit ‘the rules’. Maybe this is something we should change for the next round of rehab…

    Great job with these. I’m really enjoying reading your stuff again.

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