Round One: Day Seven



This comic has two more panels to it. Tune in in 4 days for the stunning conclusion!



4 Responses to “Round One: Day Seven”

  1. Claire Says:

    Looking forward to the conclusion! I relate to this story line – big time. I am very impressed with the tail end of the car – do you do this kind of drawing from memory??

  2. davidtang Says:

    No way Jose*! I am HORRIBLE at drawing cars and backgrounds. So I went out and took photos to use as reference**. I was originally going to cop out and trace a photo of the car. But in the end I was like “no David, be a man. Draw the car.”


  3. Amberrrr Says:

    The backgrounds are unreal. I must learn from this! I totally have this too but mine is about putting the petrol cap back on. I always drive off from the servo, stop, check and drive out again. Crazy!

  4. Ian T. Says:

    Yikes, OCD! Don’t even go there, man 😦

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