Round One: Day Eight



Thanks for the comments and advice last week – I felt much encouraged to go forth and create digitally.


4 Responses to “Round One: Day Eight”

  1. davidtang Says:

    This comic is too cute! Although the egg to me looks more like a “Manfred” than “Clover” 🙂

  2. Claire Says:

    Manfred is brilliant! It’s too late for this one, but I do have another egg featuring next week so Manfred it will be.

  3. bowb Says:

    i have just noticed that clover is being carried about in a tiny sling. ARGH. it kills me! the cuteness!

  4. Amberrrr Says:

    This is so cute it kills me. Loving the detail like sling and the eggs pics on the wall, and the stripes on the mattress. SO CUTE!

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