Round One: Day Six


oh no, you say, not another tale of love gone wrong. i just can’t help it! i don’t know what compels me to infict them upon you. perhaps the next one will be about cake?

i am trying to move away from the sort of comic that offers an internal monologue of captions, and toward the sort of comic that has speech bubbles… from more than one character even. so it’s a slow start today, with just someone other than myself in the frame.

maybe one day i will even be able to script something that isn’t so obviously autobiographical, or at least, not in the first person. now that would be a mastery of storytelling.

also, i would like to work with colour. i have not been very good at colour use in the past — usually i go with a too-representational palette and it just looks like a mess. i am pleased with the colouring in this strip; maybe the stylised, limited palette is the way to go for now. but then, would this strip have worked in any one dominant colour? i love claire’s colouring. how do you do it, claire? has it come with years of practice? i seem to remember your illustrations have always had that warm, rosy glow.

and last of all… typography. argh! it is very difficult choosing a font! i used to hand-later everything, but years of typing have completely eroded my ability to letter. this is very bad! i mean, i also like the convenience of not having to work out letterspacing in the pencilling and inking stage… but i wonder if this is sacrificing some vestiges of personal style. probably.

but yeah, personal style. i am still trying to find it. at the moment i think my stuff is still a little too generic. hopefully i’ll be able to work through this over the course of the month. you guys like the thicker lines, huh? 😉

phew! give someone an open forum…


7 Responses to “Round One: Day Six”

  1. Amberrrr Says:

    Oh this is just great. But you know me – I’m very much in David’s corner when it comes to autobiographical stories, personal stories.

    Panel two boy = so scary. This makes me glad he’s no longer in that comfy looking bed.

    Colour is just great. And suits the story too, somehow. I think the font looks pretty good but I would be keen to see some of that painstaking hand lettering at some point. Not that you’ll see me doing anything painstaking! 🙂

    Hurrah! Well done!

  2. davidtang Says:

    Agreed, I like hand lettering as well – I think it makes it more personal. Even if the writing is bad, it probably gives it a bit more character! I like the little details like the pattern on the blankets, and the magazines by the bed.

    And the things you’re trying to move away from; heavy narration, autobio stories – they’re my crutches! I find doing short comics sans narration WAY too difficult. But good on you for trying 🙂

  3. bowb Says:

    kochalka does the four-panel, no-narration thing so well. sigh… but i think he has the same issues with colour that i have. 😉

  4. India Amos Says:

    Color is good. I think it works well here, and I like the rim of light along the legs in the third panel.

    And yes, sorry, I vote for hand-lettering, too. There are some decent comic-style fonts now (not Comic Sans, of course), but they’re still not as nice as real hand-lettering.

    Oh, and the guy in panel 2 is a jerk.

  5. Krissie Says:

    I love the colours, and the expressions say so much.

  6. Claire Says:

    Yay the colour! Glad you decided to because I think it looks great. The red definitely adds to the comic – especially frame 2 — very menacing. I don’t think any other colour could have done that quite so well.
    Love the details.
    I *really* like the narrative in this.
    I have a slightly long-winded photoshop technique for making all my colours hang together — basically I make sure there is all the same amount of warm red through each of my colours so that even the greens and blues seem a little rosy. It’s a bit of a cheat’s way of making the colours not jump and clash.

  7. Ian T. Says:

    I’m sensing a little hostility! Your use of red is really powerful. It’s my least favourite colour, but so perfect for this.

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