Round One: Day Five



You know how there are singers who really can’t sing very well, and actors who can’t act? Well, I’ve come to accept over the years that I am a comic artist, but I really can’t draw! I’m actually very comfortable with this and no longer harbour any resentment towards those who can. Well, not much [tee hee].

In all honesty, I’m secretly quite pleased that I have not let the fact that I can’t draw stop me from making comics! I find that if I keep things really simple and child-like I seem to get away with it more readily. When I attempt detail like in this one it just doesn’t work. Shame really. I like the words. I’ll have to have another go at it one day.



8 Responses to “Round One: Day Five”

  1. Krissie Says:

    I love the resigned/serene dishwasher. The kitchen sink is such a great location for this, and I didn’t know you couldn’t draw. It looks pretty good to me.

  2. Miss Helen Says:

    Amber, I am glad you “can’t draw” because you totally inspired me to “not draw”. You know you’re my hero, and I think it’s because it’s more about communication or a desperate need to communicate the every day from your own point of view than it is art? But then it does become art and drawing etc but it’s all ok!!

  3. Josue Says:

    Ms. Carvan,
    I really love your work. Your writing is a joy to read and your art is beautiful. I immediately got the nod to John Porcellino and it’s good that he is an inspiration.
    Your comic about the noisy street was incredible. The magic of comics is how we communicate and you are an excellent comics artist.

    Josue Menjivar

  4. davidtang Says:

    Hi Amber, I actually quite like the background details! In panel 3, it looks like your oven is smiling 🙂

  5. Claire Says:

    I disagree with you Amber — I think the detail totally works. Love the words – quite poetic. I really like the expression in panel 4. So peaceful 🙂

  6. Ian T. Says:

    Amber, you *can* draw and you cover the things that you want to get across effectively. You draw like you, as do we all! What no artist should ever be is generic.

    Something I feel compelled to comment on – I love the texture of this page – the way you have distributed linework (both picture and text) across the surface area so evenly, except for the white border in the first frame. Fine composition. Now, that’s drawing!

  7. Daren White Says:

    Hey Amber

    Nice to see you back in the saddle. Kids really smash the productivity, yeah?



  8. Skimma (Sarah B) Says:

    Hi Amber,

    This comic is beautiful and the detail really works for me.
    I love the simplicity in your comics, I notice someone has compared it to John Porcellino stuff and I have to agree. I really enjoy and relate to your work and it’s made me feel a lot better about my own minimalistic style!


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