Round One: Day Four



Did you have to do this project at school? We did it in year 9 and I broke my egg on the first day. I am hoping Warm Kitty does a little better. I actually had fun doing Rehab in week one. I am wondering if it’s like any other form of rehab/reform/diet/housecleaning where you have an initial rush of enthusiasm because you are finally doing something constructive and then it starts to wear thin… Warm Kitty has been brewing as a character in my mind for a while now and this was the perfect excuse to give her a bit of a personality. A couple of questions about comic book art; is it ok to do it all on the computer? and is it ok to colour it?


8 Responses to “Round One: Day Four”

  1. Amberrrr Says:

    So much warmth and colour! Love the little mittens!

    Do you really do *everything* on the computer, even the line work? Don’t know if there are any hard and fast rules about this…. what do others think?

    Something tells me that Eddie Campbell would have an opinion about this.

    Ah Eddie [sigh] …

    Good luck warm kitty!

  2. bowb Says:

    actually, i meant to ask, claire, if you normally drew your illustrations freehand with a tablet? with no need for pencilling? because, wow.

    i love the colour in this! i sort of wanted to use colour in mine, except i was lazy, and also i seem to not choose good colours. clearly, i should use this as practice.

    there should be no rules about the percentage of the comic that must be hand-generated or computer-generated, i think. (but what if it’s photographs with captions and speech bubbles superimposed, like the british teen comics of the 80s… is that still a comic?) enh, it’s all good!

  3. davidtang Says:

    Hey Claire, great art and nice colours. It’s very inspiring and it makes me want to make better comics πŸ˜€

  4. bowb Says:

    also, i meant to say, i miss your blog!

  5. John Weeks Says:

    Hmm, I’ve noticed a fair number of french comicsblogs use tablets and full color, but many use watercolors and just scan it. For them it’s almost incomplete if it doesn’t have color; being raised on diet of fancy hardbound Bande Dessinee volumes.

    You guys are really raising the bar! Round Two will have a fair bit to live up to.

  6. Anthony Woodward Says:

    I think it’s fair to make comic anyway you can. It could be cutting out paper figures, using photographs, drawing with a tooth brush, or using a wacom or mouse. Whatever works really, and yours REALLY works πŸ˜‰

  7. adam Says:

    I was coming up the stairs from Flinders Street Station last week and I saw a smashed egg in the corner of one of the stairs, right up against the wall. The yolk was still intact, though out of the shell, and the shell had a face drawn on it in black texta. sunglasses and a beard. I immediately thought of the ‘look after an egg’ primary school project and wanted to take a photo, but no camera and an old non-camera phone. Two days later the only evidence was a stain on the stair and a small shard of shell.

  8. Ian T. Says:

    Welcome back to comics, Claire! I love the colour scheme and the concept for this – nice slice of life piece. That whole egg/baby thing is a bit crazy really – a weird analogy! As far as I can tell babies are people right from the beginning, and not like any kind of object (are you listening, Anne Geddes?).

    Looking forward to more…

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