Round One: Day One



Well, that was pretty painful. I’ve been a total bitch all day just thinking about having to draw the damn comic but am thrilled now that it’s finished. Bring on the wine! (Thank god it’s not *that* sort of rehab!)

It’s got problems, obviously. It’s not balanced. It has crazy lines everywhere. My paper is too porous. I’m having trouble drawing the new me and can’t seem to get the facial expressions right – I look pissed off not sad in panel three. Check out dent head in panel four. But hey, it’s a comic and it’s FINISHED!

‘Mosquito man fields’ is my little shout out to John P. It’s a reference to ’88th and Federal’ one of the many driving comics featured in the most recent King-Cat.



7 Responses to “Round One: Day One”

  1. ragingyoghurt Says:

    i love those first two frames.

    and i love that you used a ruler for your frames. ;P
    (or maybe you didn’t! and can draw perfectly straight lines!)

  2. Jinja Says:

    Yay go Ambs!

  3. Claire Says:

    Hooray! I have been hitting refresh all day to see this and you haven’t disappointed. Nice start Amber. I am also pleased that we get to write a little mini commentary. xx

  4. Emily Says:

    Yes, love the commentary but had no idea there was so much to it -it all looks so fluid and effortless to me. eg. panel 3 definitely seemed sad (vs angry) and I completely missed the dent.

    Love it. I so know that feeling -especially on long trips.

  5. Krissie Says:

    I adore it.

  6. Greg Gerrand Says:

    Ahhh… welcome back to comics Amber.

    I’ve always thought your stories were wonderful.

  7. Ian T. Says:

    The third panel expression looks pensive to me, which seems right. The joinup on the first two panels works a treat!

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