Artist Introduction: David Tang



“Comics to me has always been a hobby, so anytime it starts to feel like a chore I’d rather not create. I mean if I don’t enjoy it, what’s the point right? At the same time though, I’ve been telling people I’m a comics creator since 2002, and in all that time I’ve only put out two issues of “Knee Pockets”. I keep thinking that when I turn 30 in a few years, what am I going to have to show for it? Help me comics rehab, help me!”


3 Responses to “Artist Introduction: David Tang”

  1. Edward J Grug III Says:


  2. Cool Says:

    I want to have this comic ( knee pockets), where should I go???? Help!!!

  3. Laura Cawthorne Says:

    How do I get more info about your program and how do I get involved

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