Artist Introduction: Amber Carvan



“Writing comics has always come fairly easily to me, but drawing them has always been a challenge. The most disciplined I’ve ever been as an artist was when I was working to deadline on ‘Brick Dog and Other Stories’. At the time I hoped that I would be able to maintain the momentum after the project ended, but I couldn’t. Not even a little bit. Kids will do that. Oh, and and laziness too. Making comics just faded into the background.

Years later I’ve come to realise that identifying as a comic creator is really very important to me. And drawing the comics that I hate to draw seems to be necessary for my soul. At the recent writer’s fest in Newcastle it hit me like a ton of bricks and I could see how little contribution I’ve made in the past five years to the creative community that has supported and nurtured me in the past. This simply has to change!”



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